• The First-Timer Sailing Cruise in Mykonos

    Sailing Cruise in Mykonos The First-Timer guide!

    Let’s say you’ve persuade some of your friends to join you for an incredible daily cruise in Mykonos, one of those paradise destinations we all dream of.

    Nevertheless of whether you’ve decided to go sailing in Mykonos, rent a boat in mykonos, charter a yacht in mykonos or visit one of the countless other beautiful sailing destinations in the world, it’s sure to be the boat trip of a lifetime.

    Get ready with our ultimate first-timer sailing cruise in Mykonos checklist:

    • Eat light breakfast
    • Shake off your legs
    • Plan your sailing itinerary in advance
    • Prepare to combat seasickness
    • Protect yourself from the sun

    Now you’re done and you are on your way to your first experience sailing around this amazing island ; pristine beaches and crystal clear waters are all calling your name ,This day trip in mykonos is assuredly going to be one you’ll never forget, but if it’s your first time chartering a sailboat there are some important things you need to take care of first.When charter a private boat in mykonos you have the absolute freedom to design your trip however Day cruise or susnet cruise You can cruise from island to island, sailing to whatever island takes your fancy at that point in time. The freedom that comes with renting a boats in mykonos is an incredible bonus.

    Prepare to Combat Seasickness During a Boat Trip In Mykonos

    A common fear of many who take a daily cruise in mykonos is what will happen if i get seasick during the trip.

    The possibility of this happening should not prevent you from traveling.

    So there are a variety of ways to avoid it.

    One of them is to avoid the many movements inside the boat. It is also best for you to stay in the open and in the fresh air and not to be locked in a cabin. The open space will make you feel much better.In addition it helps to focus your gaze in one direction. Avoid sailing on an empty stomach. You’ll be more vulnerable to getting seasick and will likely feel much worse once you’ve caught it.

    But be aware that you may not need any of these and enjoy your trip without the presence of nausea

    Protect Yourself From the Sun

    Holiday sun is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced at home. Not only is the sun usually stronger in this magical destination, but the power of the burning rays of sunshine reflected off the water is magnified significantly. Plus, if you’ve had a few cocktails during the day, you’re likely not to be paying much attention. You may not feel it, with that smooth cool breeze washing over your warm skin, but this sun is frying. To keep in mind:

    • keep drinking water
    • use the sunscreen
    • bring sunglasses
    • a tight-fitting hat

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  • Boat rental Mykonos – Top things to do in Mykonos

    Boat rental Mykonos is one of the top things to do in Mykonos!

    If you visit Greece you should definitely visit Mykonos island.
    Mykonos is an island in the middle of the Aegean sea. One of the most famous islands In the world.

    Since 1960 it has been one of the most cosmopolitan islands. It is voted as one of the top holiday destinations to visit.

    With its beautiful beaches, award-winning restaurants and parties that last all night long.

    So, here is a list with the top things to do in this marvelous Greek island.

    Boat rental Μykonos

    Boat rental Mykonos is undoubtfully the top thing to do in Mykonos.

    There is an unlimited variety of boats that you can rent either catamaran or luxury yacht.

    Sailing tours and Day cruises in Mykonos start every day from Tourlos port or from the old port.

    If you need a ferry to visit Delos island, you will find it in the old port. Sailing Catamarans and motor yachts are departing from New port so if you ever think to charter in Mykonos with a catamaran or a private yacht you will find them at Tourlos port.

    Boat rental Μykonos | Mykonos DolphinMykonos Cruises

    Start your Mykonos day trip by visiting Rhenia or the Famous island of Delos and dive into crystal clear turquois water of the island.
    Spend your time relaxing on the beach. Sailing from Mykonos to the nearby islands and if you are lucky you might see dolphins on your way, so make sure your camera is always ready!

    If you like more lively beaches however, visit Paraga , Psarou or, Super Paradise.
    30 years ago, you could visit those beaches only by boat so we recommended the boat rental in Mykonos and explore all this amazing spots.

    Mykonos CruisesJeep Safari tour

    If Boat rental Mykonos is the one thing to do, then Jeep Safari is the second!

    Explore the secrets of the island on a Mykonos day tour with a 4WD Jeep. Get to know the history of Mykonos, drive the most secret paths of the island, visit the famous village of Ano Mera and taste traditional dishes. We recommend the Blue Lion Safari company. The local driver will definitely make your day unforgetable.

    Jeep Safari tourShopping in Mykonos

    Visit Mykonos alleys and you will discover shops with the latest fashion trends.

    There is an unlimited range of famous brands. You can find unique jewelry, amazing variety of clothes and beautiful shoes.

    And ofcourse you will get some beautiful souvenirs that will remind you of the best holidays in Mykonos.

    Shopping in MykonosParty in Mykonos

    As you know Mykonos is popular as the party island of Cyclades.
    It has more than 20 beach bars and clubs that you can have an amazing time. Find the right one for you and get your self on the dancefloor till the sun comes up.

    Party in MykonosSunset from the windmills

    Find the right spot and get your cameras on. You will be amazed as the sun comes down!
    The windmills of the island are an iconic feature of the Greek island of Mykonos.
    They are visible from every point of Mykonos, and the best view is from the island’s principal village, which is frequently called Chora.

    If you are sailing Mykonos by boat, the windmills are the first thing that you will see, as you are entering the old port.

    Sunset from the windmillsVisit the top 3 quiet beaches

    If you prefer quiet and clean beaches, here is some information that you may find useful for your holiday in Mykonos.

    One of them is the beach of Kalafati. Kalafatis is located 12 km east of Mykonos Town. It is a beach full of trees that offer natural shade. It also offers deep blue waters in combination with golden sand.

    Another beach, quieter than the previous one is the beach of Fokos. It offers incredible tranquility and a scenic landscape.

    Last but not least is the beach of Agios Sostos. It is secluded and quiet and it has a magnificent landscape and clear waters. Bring a good book with you, snacks and water. Undoubtedly it will amaze you.

    Visit the top 3 quiet beaches in MykonosTaste the amazing food

    Mykonos is an island for food lovers. It offers local traditional food in various taverns. But it also satisfies even the most demanding food lovers. There are restaurants with many distinctions and michelin stars. One thing is for sure, whatever you choose, you will be satisfied.

    Taste the amazing food in MykonosTry the water sports

    Mykonos also offers many beaches that include water sports and games. Sports enthusiasts will be able to spend their time between swimming, windsurfing, surfing, jet skiing, kite surfing as well as many water games.

    Water sports in Mykonos

    Visit the Museums

    Definitely in Mykonos you should visit its museums. There is the archeological museum that has a large range of prehistoric pottery and statues.

    Then there is the folklore museum that houses old furniture, costumes and Byzantine icons.

    There is also the naval museum with ancient pottery and also old naval equipment. Continuing we have the agro-museum that presents collections from traditional rural despair.

    Finally, there is the famous house on the island of Lena, which is a medieval house of the 19th century with its equipment and furniture.

    Visits the museums of Mykonos


    So these are the top things to do in Mykonos.

    Start your schedule by taking a look  at our Mykonos cruises.

  • Rent a boat Mykonos and explore the best beaches of Mykonos island!

    Rent a boat Mykonos and explore the best beaches of Mykonos island!

    Mykonos Cruises team of Dolphin Navigation is proud to present you Τhe ultimate Mykonos beaches guide.

    It has something for everyone, regardless of taste, budget or mood.

    So, rent a boat Mykonos and let’s go…



    Beautiful and family-friendly. All-day, excellent accommodation and dining facilities.

    Bonus: the chance to swim in the gold and purple colors of the evening. Watch a spectacular free show as the sun sets behind the sacred island of Delos.


    A fishermen’s settlement. Popular with families and boaters who appreciate the docking facilities.

    An easy-going place to spend the day relaxing, swimming and having a simple meal. Or perhaps an impressive gourmet feast, in one of the nearby tavernas or restaurants.


    Once a safe haven for humble fishing boats during bouts of serious north-wind “Eighters”. That is 8 out of 10 on the Beaufort scale. This calm bay became a “perfect storm” of luxury beach-clubbing when “Nammos” became synonymous with delicious Mykonian decadence.
    Today, Psarou is still peaking, although with some unavoidable new competition from nearby Paraga.

    Rent a boat Mykonos and explore the best beaches of Mykonos island!

    Psarou beach Mykonos


    If you happen to be staying in the area, you’ll be perfectly satisfied with the waters, the beach services and the dining options.

    The little boats that come and go will take you to a few of the neighboring beaches (Elia, Agrari, Paradise).

    A short distance from Chora, Platys Gialos makes for an excellent combination of a day at the beach. Followed by a long night out at town – and then a stroll back.


    Next to Paraga, a small, super-cute, unpretentious beach with basic facilities (loungers and umbrellas for hire).

    Good food in the restaurant – if you are looking for local dishes and fresh fish.

    Rent a boat Mykonos and explore the best beaches of Mykonos island!

    Aghia Anna


    A winning combination of crystal-clear waters, high-quality beach service and a multitude of all-day venues. Ranging from the yummy all-Greek food Nikolas Taverna , to the cheerful good times at “Kalua”, to dining, drinking and chilling in the super-glamorous “Scorpio”.

    A must-visit, if you want to “see and be seen” on the island.

    Rent a boat Mykonos and explore the best beaches of Mykonos island!

    Paraga beach Mykonos


    This smaller beach is one of the most magical places in the Aegean.

    Its natural beauty will be difficult to see. Though, as it is always jam-packed with partygoers, nudists, and a young, dynamic gay community.

    Super Paradise self-advertises as “the party that never ends.”

    They really mean it: the party started about 30 years ago, and hasn’t stopped since.

    Rent a boat Mykonos and explore the best beaches of Mykonos island!

    Super Paradise Beach


    Young, friendly, flirty, boozy and absolutely packed. This is just the kind of atmosphere you expect to find on a “Mykonian” beach.

    Not exactly for those seeking a quiet day, or a quiet life.


    All day lounging, water sports, organic food, Wi-Fi, beach service, family-catering. If there was a roof over your head, you’d swear you were sitting comfortably at home.

    Instead, you can worship the sun with all the creature comforts you don’t want to go without.


    Simply spectacular long sandy beach with crystal-blue water that perfectly complements the elegant luxury hotels located in the area.

    Amenities, excellent beach service, access to world-class spa facilities, fine dining.

    Prepare for a perfect Mykonos day.




    Small, secluded, not easily accessible.

    Boasts a spectacular sunset. Easy nudism, practically no facilities, a taste of “old Mykonos”.

    Why are you still reading? Rent A boat Mykonos and go there, now!


    You can practically walk from town, and you normally won’t have to deal with big crowds on this gorgeous beach. One of the island’s first to be “developed”.

    Extremely exposed to the northern winds, a secluded Shangri-La for the experienced windsurfer who needs his space.


    A bit up north, past the hustle- and bustle of the busy “New” Port, a settlement with many hotels and accommodation complexes.

    A decent beach, beautiful vistas and a bus station for easy access to town.

    Best times to go: Sunset, sunset, sunset.


    It is unlikely that you’ll get to visit this northwest beach if you are not a resident of the area.

    Rugged, secluded, untouched by tourism and probably the only white pebble beach in Mykonos, it will give you a real “Robinson Crusoe” feel.



    One of the few remaining unspoiled Mykonos beaches – used to be mainly nudist, now anything goes, so be prepared.

    You will find no umbrellas or loungers for hire, no snack bar, no bar, no music.

    Stop by the beautiful twin-domed chapel of Aghios Sostis on your way up to the hillside taverna.


    You’ll find everything you need here – a big, sprawling beach, somewhat exposed to the northern winds but still protected by Panormos Bay.

    Swim, socialize, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in front of the waves, dance until dawn.

    Or walk a few steps further away and have the sand to yourself at the still-undeveloped far end of the beach.


    The third and most intensely windswept beach in Panormos Bay.

    A haven for young sports-oriented crowds, mainly wind-surfers.

    Funky, up-beat, well serviced.

    Bring a sweater or a shawl: you can never tell when there will be an evening dance party right on the beach, and you don’t want to miss out just because you feel cold.


    Paradise lost (and found) in this hard-to approach northern beach, unspoiled, smallish, somehow frequented only by the select few.

    Nothing to do there but swim and sunbathe like it’s nobody else’s business (and it’s not).


    Twinned with Myrsini, you will recognize Fokos by its one and only taverna.

    If you do find a place to sit down at this eatery, don’t hesitate – it will be one of your best and most authentic Greek meals.


    A completely wide-open, undeveloped, stunning bare Mykonos beach – currently the apple of their eye for those environmentally conscious locals who are fighting to preserve its untouched beauty.



    A quaint and lovely beach that can get abit windy.

    Still, it’s a must-visit for the quiet, deep-into-summer blissful experience.

    If you love it, you may become one of those “hooked-on-Lia” types who never swim anywhere else.


    Favorite meeting place for young crowds and families, a big wide friendly beach that also offers water sports and an endless opportunity for people-watching from any one of its many seaside venues.


    All day fun on this beach!

    Busy, happy, plenty of space for everybody, with water sports and good food; an excellent choice if you are bringing the family.

    Rent a boat Mykonos and explore the best beaches of Mykonos island!

    Kalo Livadi is a great choice for families

    Rent a boat Mykonos using this booking form, or through the bubble at the right bottom of the page.
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