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Sailing Cruise in Mykonos The First-Timer guide!

Let’s say you’ve persuade some of your friends to join you for an incredible daily cruise in Mykonos, one of those paradise destinations we all dream of.

Nevertheless of whether you’ve decided to go sailing in Mykonos, rent a boat in mykonos, charter a yacht in mykonos or visit one of the countless other beautiful sailing destinations in the world, it’s sure to be the boat trip of a lifetime.

Get ready with our ultimate first-timer sailing cruise in Mykonos checklist:

  • Eat light breakfast
  • Shake off your legs
  • Plan your sailing itinerary in advance
  • Prepare to combat seasickness
  • Protect yourself from the sun

Now you’re done and you are on your way to your first experience sailing around this amazing island ; pristine beaches and crystal clear waters are all calling your name ,This day trip in mykonos is assuredly going to be one you’ll never forget, but if it’s your first time chartering a sailboat there are some important things you need to take care of first.When charter a private boat in mykonos you have the absolute freedom to design your trip however Day cruise or susnet cruise You can cruise from island to island, sailing to whatever island takes your fancy at that point in time. The freedom that comes with renting a boats in mykonos is an incredible bonus.

Prepare to Combat Seasickness During a Boat Trip In Mykonos

A common fear of many who take a daily cruise in mykonos is what will happen if i get seasick during the trip.

The possibility of this happening should not prevent you from traveling.

So there are a variety of ways to avoid it.

One of them is to avoid the many movements inside the boat. It is also best for you to stay in the open and in the fresh air and not to be locked in a cabin. The open space will make you feel much better.In addition it helps to focus your gaze in one direction. Avoid sailing on an empty stomach. You’ll be more vulnerable to getting seasick and will likely feel much worse once you’ve caught it.

But be aware that you may not need any of these and enjoy your trip without the presence of nausea

Protect Yourself From the Sun

Holiday sun is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced at home. Not only is the sun usually stronger in this magical destination, but the power of the burning rays of sunshine reflected off the water is magnified significantly. Plus, if you’ve had a few cocktails during the day, you’re likely not to be paying much attention. You may not feel it, with that smooth cool breeze washing over your warm skin, but this sun is frying. To keep in mind:

  • keep drinking water
  • use the sunscreen
  • bring sunglasses
  • a tight-fitting hat

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