Private Mykonos Day Cruise At a Glance

Prepare for a remarkable Mykonos sailing experience with a Private Mykonos Day Cruise. Sail comfortably on a state-of-the-art catamaran to unravel the secrets of the Mykonian coastline. Access the best Mykonos beaches and secluded little bays. Snorkel in crystal clear blue waters and take in the island’s cosmopolitan vibes. Visit Delos, one of Greece’s most significant archaeological sites, explore Rhenia and Skinos and tune in with your experienced skipper to find out more about the island’s history. Party in style on exclusive beaches, and make the most out of your Mykonos sailing full-day tour.

Private Mykonos Day Cruise Highlights

  • Access beaches unreachable on foot and swim in crystalline waters with a Private Mykonos Day Cruise. Snorkel in the mesmerizing Aegean seabed.
  • Explore the remote islets of Rhenia and Skinos, Mykonos’ hidden gems. Let yourself wander among the diverse, virgin, rural scenery.
  • Marvel at the island of Delos and its exquisite archeological site. Learn about the historical facts and immerse yourself in Greek mythology.
  • Forget about strict Mykonos sailing Join the Mykonos Day Cruise and sail freely by the island’s most cosmopolitan and exclusive beaches.


  • Fuel and yacht
  • Captain and crew
  • Meal and drinks
  • Hotel pick-up & drop-off
  • Towels & jackets
  • Snorkeling gear
  • All fees and taxes



  • Any additional food or drinks required.


Additional Info

  • Our experienced crew is very familiar with the Mykonos surroundings and can suggest the perfect, tailor-made itinerary for those who seek advice.


  • 8h

Private Mykonos Day Cruise In Detail

Begin your Mykonos Day Cruise with a free hotel transfer to the island’s New Port. Board a luxury sailing boat and get cozy in one of the best Mykonos sailing day cruises. Meet your experienced skipper and crew and tune in to learn about the island’s history and little secrets. Access remote beaches and dive in the Mediterranean splendor surrounded by transparent waters and diverse landscapes. Use the snorkeling equipment provided onboard and be mesmerized by the rich seabed. Indulge in drinks and snacks freshly served on board, put your feet up and luxuriate in a revitalizing day sailing tour.

Tailor your Mykonos sailing itinerary to your liking and unfold the island’s majesty. Have swim stops at the most popular south beaches and soak in the Mykonian sun and ambiance. Sail past the beaches of Agios Ioannis, Ornos, Psarou, Platys Gialos, Paraga, and reach Paradise and Super Paradise’s renowned party beaches. Find yourself in the ancient settlement of Delos and be in awe of its archeological site. Reach Rhenia, a secluded picturesque island, and enjoy the rural landscape. Stop at Skinos, a deep inlet kept a secret among the locals. Head back to the port after a fulfilling Mykonos day cruise and capture memories to cherish forever.

Private Mykonos Day Cruise Itinerary

  1. Begin your Mykonos Day Cruise: Meet your professional skipper and set sail to the best Mykonos sailing experience.
  2. Have a first swim stop at Agios Ioannis Beach: Marvel at a crystalline beach on the island’s southwest coast.
  3. Discover the picture-perfect Ornos Beach: Explore Ornos, one of the most popular yet family-friendly beaches in Mykonos.
  4. Reach the cosmopolitan Psarou Beach: Luxuriate in one of Mykonos’ trendiest and most exclusive beaches.
  5. Relax in the organized Platys Gialos Beach: Discover a crowd-pleasing beach with golden sand and clear azure waters.
  6. Sail towards the naturist Paraga Beach: Choose the part of the bay that best suits your style and enjoy nature.
  7. Party in Paradise & Super Paradise beaches: Swim and dance on the island’s most vibrant and luxury beaches.
  8. Visit the archaeological site of Delos: Explore Delos, one of Greece’s most significant historic islands.
  9. Head to Rhenia and Skinos: Discover Mykonos’ hidden islets and let yourself marvel at their landscape.
  10. End your full-day Mykonos cruise: Head back and finish your sailing venture with a heart full of memories.
full day map


  • Cruise Duration: 8 hours
  • Departs: 10:00am or 12:00am
  • Arrives: 6:00pm or 8:00pm
  • Flexible Program
  • Private


  • Yacht
  • Captain
  • Free Transport from hotel
  • Meals and drinks
  • Towels


  • Best Value for Money
  • Privacy & Security
  • Leading Experience
  • Excellent Service
  • Quality

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Private cruises in Mykonos • Rent a boat with Dolphin Navigation

Mykonos is a stunning Greek Island in the Aegean Sea. And it’s part of the Cyclades group of islands and is close to Ios, Tinos, Naxos and Paros. And also it’s known for charming white houses. Houses that speckle the coastline like pearls against the sapphire blue water of the sea.

It’s a popular tourist destination. And this because of it’s vibrant nightlife. Its gorgeous beaches and enchanting streets to explore.

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